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Based in Dusseldorf we provide sourcing solutions globally since 2003. We help importing companies to avoid 100% prepayment in settlements with suppliers and offer inexpensive financing on short, medium and long-term basis. The cost of such financing is much lower than the standard loan rates of any bank. To finance import operations we apply various documentary instruments which cover lending, guarantees and payment services. Documentary instrument does not require you to provide cash cover. The choice depends on your needs and the main terms of the import contract. We elaborate the contract terms in details to give you the precise tool which suits your needs the most.

Tools of Financing:

  • Lending
  • Issuance of letters of credit
  • Factoring
  • Export credit
  • Insurance
  • Receivables discounting

The benefits of international trade finance instruments:

  • The risks of your company are replaced by bank liabilities
  • Non-resource basis of finance significantly reduces its cost
  • Additional requirements for suppliers allows better deliveries planning
  • The risks of unfair behavior of your counterparties are minimized

International trade finance instruments replace your risks by bank liabilities

    What you get if you are an importer:

  • No need to divert working capital

  • Access to low-cost financing

  • Opportunity to work with the supplier on more favorable terms of delivery and at lower prices

  • No risk that a supplier will not ship the goods after payment under the contract

    What you get if you are an exporter:

  • Guarantee of payment for shipped goods

  • Increase in the volume of supplies

  • Expansion of the customer base due to more favorable terms for delivery and payment

We simplify complex finance and create solutions to set your business up for long term profitable growth

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The most popular types of Trade Finance: construction, commodities, recruitment, vehicles


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